Base Unit SFR U5

  • Base unit U5 is the extremely simple and reliable device. It has two operating modes. The mode 1 - "a mark on pressing" - is the most economic from the point of view of consumed energy. When the station is in a sleep mode (real time clock work only), pressing the button activates it and then the punching data is transmitted to the card (activation time is less than 0.01 sec.). A mode 2 - "continuous interrogation". In this mode the station continuously searches for a card, and, in case of success, writes down the data. In both modes the sound and light signals are served as a confirmation of punching being made successfully.

     PRICE: 59,00€

Brief datasheet

Functions Clearing, Start, Finish, Control point
Punching time < 0,1 sec - Start, Finish and Control point < 2 sec - Clearing (for 58-stamps card)
Battery Replaceable Li/SOCl 2 3,6V ER-14335 (1600 mAh)
Operating range 3-10 cm, depending of card size
Operating temperature range -25°C to 55°C
Size 99 x 45 x 19 mm
Weight 60 g
Color Transparent

Readout Station

  • The readout station is the base unit U5 completed by USB standard port for communication with a computer. It is provided with the corresponding firmware. The station is used for data recording (control code, time, function, mode) in base stations by means of a card, and also for all operations with cards of competitors (including data reading after the finish). The readout station also can be used as an online control with external communicator.

     PRICE: 69,00€


  • Card "petal" (left), while being soft and absolutely safe, is also tight and lightweight. It provides an operating distance range of 5 cm . Besides, process of punching by this e-card is extremely simple and clear for any person irrespective of age. In everyday life pressing the button by a finger is one of most often actions. Card "button" is more convenient for Ski-O and Adventure races. Differs from card "petal" only the shape and size of the antenna.

     PRICE: 4,90€

Brief datasheet

Functions Competitor's card, Base station set card
Memory size 58 number & time stamps - start, finish, control points
Operating distance range 5 cm
Operating temperature range -25°C to 70°C
Size (excl. fastening) 80 x 32 x 2 mm
Weight (incl. fastening) 7 g
Color Yellow (for private cards), Red (for rental cards)