INUS is the official representative of MOSCOMPASS in Europe. Moscompass today produces compasses for world elite sportsmen, amateurs of active tourism and beginners.

MOSCOMPASS sport class models (2, 3, 8, 9) have been popular at the world market for a long time. The main advantage of these compasses is a patented system of disc stabilisation and strong magnet. MOSCOMPASS has the best stability and the highest response time, which are the most important characteristics under race conditions. All elite models have double support arrow fixing system providing the arrow steadiness when turning. Compasses are produced from high resistant materials and have a wide range of operation temperature ( from 30 C to +30C). All basic models have the standard fixing device of flask, which allows to modify them very fast. The warranty period of elite class is 5 years.

In tourist class there are presented models 11 and 22, aimed for a wide range of users. Models of this class combine the reliability of all Moscow compasses classes with relatively low cost. Tourist class compasses have a three-year warranty.

In spite of being on the market for ashort time we have created high developed dealer net, which is added instantly. Today we
have partners in UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Switzerland, USA, Canada and Japan. Our business has taught us to be attentive to every buyer. We shall pay attention to any of your request and try to fulfill it in full scope in a short time.


The MOSCOMPASS compasses are easy to modify and can be combined of various capsules and plates. All models are available with 6 different plates, and it is also possible to order capsules and plates separately.